Welcome to The Centre of Calm

I’d like to introduce you to our wide range of therapies and classes here in the lovely market town of Cowbridge.

Our aim is to provide the tools to develop the right balance of relaxation, fitness, peace of mind, confidence, suppleness, and positivity for our visitors and customers. Take a look at our list of therapies and classes and mix and match to suit your unique needs, at whatever stage you may be in your life.

We have on the team a wide range of qualified and insured therapists, instructors and energy workers who complement each other’s skills, whether you need guidance in stress-busting, injury recovery/pain management, physical fitness, decision-making or lifestyle improvement. (Please contact our therapists directly for any queries or to book an appointment).

We make use of the unique and very special 17th century, wood-floored ‘Minstrel Room’ for our diverse yoga, exercise and core strengthening classes. It is also a lovely setting for our regular workshops and events.

So, no matter what your age, I hope you can find something to enhance your life at The Centre of Calm. Everyone is very welcome, and we look forward to seeing you soon.